Ben Thompson

Creator of FYVGaming.


Decided one day to revive a project that withered away back in 2013 and here we are. Writes site news, reviews and the occasional feature.


Been gaming since a Mega Drive controller was placed in his hands as a toddler in the early 90's and was a proud Sega kid.


Loves shooters, racers, action adventures and VR gaming. Favourite game of all time is Fable.

Marion Choufa

Marion is a Content Creator at FYVGaming.


She loves trying new games and writing about them, enjoying interactive storytelling games and RPGs in particular.


Her gaming journey started at the age of 10 when she would rent a Nintendo 64 and Ocarina of Time through her local toy library (since people kept deleting her save file, she never managed to get out of the Kokiri Forest).

Alberto Mezzalira

Alberto runs social media at FYVGaming.

At 6 years old, he discovered his passion for gaming, starting with Pokemon Red on the original GameBoy. This love for video games grew with him even more over time.


His favourite types of game are RPGs, racers and action/adventure. His favourite series are Final Fantasy, Halo and Assassin’s Creed.

He has a great interest in the video game industry as a whole. He also enjoys watching Motorsports in his downtime.

Kurt Lewin

Kurt is a features writer for FYVGaming.


His gaming hobby started with Rollercoaster Tycoon but didn't become a passion until the PS2 from which it blossomed.


His passion ultimately led to his career as he has worked for Zynga and is now a Commercial Analyst for Team 17. 

You can also find him on Twitter @Angry_Kurt and co-hosting The Never Watchers podcast where he watches a film from the MCU for the first time and discusses with a Marvel expert.

Lewis Gillingwater

Lewis is Content Creator at FYVGaming.

He's been gaming since he was given a hand-me-down Mega Drive as a 6 year old and has been hooked ever since.

A big fan of anything rogue-like, strategy and story based. He's put over 100 hours into Crusader Kings and still hasn't finished a game.