• Alberto Mezzalira

A former EA executive has joined Netflix to lead its expansion into gaming

Netflix has announced that a former Electronic Arts and Facebook executive is part of their team to lead its expansion into the gaming market.

On Wednesday, the company confirmed that Mike Verdu is joining as vice president of game development and will report to chief operating officer Greg Peters. Verdu was most recently Facebook’s vice president of AR/VR content, where he worked with developers to bring games and other content to Oculus headsets.

Before that, he spent a year and a half as head of EA Mobile, managing studios such as Popcap (Plants vs. Zombies), Capital Games (Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes), and Track Twenty (SimCity BuildIt).

According to a Bloomberg insider, Netflix intends to add video games to its streaming platform within the year. The company isn’t currently planning to charge extra for access to the game service, although the new content may help to justify a subscription price rise.

Checking the company's website, Netflix is now recruiting for game development related roles, but it’s claimed the California-based company has yet to decide on a game development strategy.

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