• Lewis Gillingwater

Activision can't decide how much to pay its CEO

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is one of the highest-paid individuals in the gaming industry. Head of the company since the 90s, Kotick earned a pay package of $154.6 million and investors are not pleased.

Shareholders in the company, whose massive selling franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Overwatch, have decided not to approve Kotick's pay package at Activision's annual general meeting, holding a separate meeting later this month entirely devoted to choosing how much the CEO should receive.

Activision is doing just fine financially, Call of Duty Warzone continues to rake in cash alongside their many other franchises. No matter what they decide, the shareholders are still going to pay Kotick a ludicrous amount of cash. The question is more about how ludicrous it will be.