• Lewis Gillingwater

Activision teases that the end is near for Call of Duty Warzone’s Season 2

Following a leak of data-mined voice lines by Twitter account ZestyCODLeaks suggesting an incoming zombie plague in the game’s Verdansk map, the Call of Duty official Twitter account today suggested that “The end is near” for Warzone’s second season in an ominous teaser.

Leaked audio files already suggested some big changes were on the way, with lines referencing the possibility of Sandbox, Exfiltration and Plague game modes. Now the popular battle royale’ s official Twitter account is suggesting that we should expect big changes on 21st April at 12 PM Pacific Time (That’s 3 PM Eastern and 8 PM UK time) as it gears up to end its second season.

The grinning skull in the teaser certainly lines up with suggestions of a zombie horde and nuclear threat implied by the leaked audio from last month and would also match up with reports that Verdansk is getting a Cold War themed reskin this month. While perhaps not the new map some players were hoping for, a redesign to better match the setting of the series’ most recent campaign is definitely a welcome addition.

Quite what the transition to this new-old lick of 80s themed paint will look like as the game leaves the Modern Warfare era is not yet clear, but from the tone of Call of Duty Warzone’s teaser trailer today, we can expect the current iteration of the map to go out with a nuclear sized bang.