• James Kinch

Among Us 15 Player Lobby Update Drops Tomorrow

In the last few days, the popular party and social deduction game, Among Us has had a lot of content revealed for the game going forward now that the Airship map has been out for a couple of months.

On the 10th June, the roadmap for the game was posted (no date set for the length of this roadmap).

It outlies the most recent update for the game along with coming content, some of which is "Coming Soon" which, at the time, didn't state that it would be only three days later.

The plans section was outlined in a video they released at the same time, showing different features in early forms. The new roles are almost certainly linked with the modifications that have been released for the game, likening the game to Trouble in Terrorist Town, the popular Garry's Mod gamemode which content groups such as The Yogscast (which have their own custom outfits in the game) and OfflineTV have been playing.

Details for "Coming Soon" came at E3 yesterday, with an Xbox reveal trailer, showing off the new colours, graphics and UI. This may infer that the Xbox release is closer than the PlayStation's.

The two trailers can be found here: