• Lewis Gillingwater

Apex Legends introduces new Arenas mode as part of Legacy Update

Popular Battle Royale Apex Legends is introducing a new, non-battle royale game mode as part of its upcoming Legacy update. Having done away with numbered seasons, the new Legacy update brings with it Arenas, a 3v3 mode where 2 squads compete to be the last squad standing without a pesky 20 squad melee getting in the way.

Before each round, you'll get to use materials you earned in the previous match to obtain and upgrade ordinance and weapons. Legends' tactical and ultimate abilities are limited in this game mode, forcing players to play strategically and keeping powerful ultimates in check.

Matches will take place in familiar locations from Apex's maps and new custom locations, with the space getting smaller and smaller as weapon crates drop in. The update launches with 2 new custom maps, and Respawn promises more are coming in the future. These two maps, Party Crasher which takes place in a luxurious downtown plaza, and Phase Runner which takes place in an industrial mountaintop, join rotating areas from the existing Battle Royale maps Kings Canyon, World's Edge and Olympus.

Legacy launches May 4th on all platforms, meaning players can get stuck into this close quarters alternative to Apex's usual battle royale gameplay soon.