• Marion Choufa

Become an action movie hero in PS VR game: Fracked

Initially introduce 3 months ago, the FPS PlayStation VR game Fracked recently got another gameplay video. The trailer has been presented during yesterday's PS VR Spotlight event.

Developed by nDreams, the action-adventure VR game is a well-balanced mix of "run and cover" and intense gunfights. Many people were afraid that, despite the fast-paced gameplay, the game would a be classic rail-shooter... However, the developers reassured us by stating that players will be able to move freely: by foot, skis, rock climbing and zip line!

Fracked will offer a good variety of weapons such as pistols, machine guns and shotguns. Be careful with your ammo though, since they are limited in quantity... In terms of story, you play an ex-special forces agent stuck in a remote mountain. With the help of your friend Rosalez, an environmental activist, you'll have to fight a legion of interdimensional enemies.

Fracked is expected to launch this summer 2021 on PS4 and PS5 and will be fully playable with the PS Move.