• Lewis Gillingwater

Become the soothsayer in upcoming fantasy narrative experience Grotto

Madrid based studio Brainwash Gang today revealed their fantasy story game Grotto, which casts players as the Soothsayer, an enigmatic hermit living in the titular Grotto who reads the stars to provide guidance to a primitive tribe.

The game, which has been in development since 2018, focuses on the ideas of divination and how interpreting abstract messages from the constellations can influence peoples lives. Players will look to the sky, draw constellations and foretell the future to the tribe to offer omens of their fate. You can overthink every message knowing that your predictions could be life or death, or just say what comes naturally and hope for the best.

With a style that blends 2D and 3D art with a strong narrative element, we look forward to trying Grotto when it releases in late 2021 on PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One and iOS. More information about Grotto, and Brainwash Gang's other projects, will be available later today as part of their Brainwash Propaganda showcase broadcast.