• Marion Choufa

Bloober Team gives some clarifications regarding future projects

Few weeks ago, Bloober Team and Konami announced their new partnership which, obviously, restarted the rumours regarding a new Silent Hill game.

Since, fans have been trying to gather clues to confirm that Bloober and Konami's next project is indeed a future Silent Hill title. They even found three codenames on the EU's Creative Europe website that were filled by Bloober:

  • H2O, which turned out to be Layers of Fears 2;

  • Black, a first-person horror medieval game with aliens;

  • Dum Spiro, a horror games set in a WW2 Jewish-Polish ghetto.

Even though H2O is out of the equation, the two other codenames sparked speculations; fans hoping that one of these project could be the next Silent Hill.

However, during a recent interview with IGN, Tomasz Gawlikowski, CEO of Bloober Team, put an end to the rumours by clarifying that neither of the two games described in the EU's Creative Europe website are being actively developed:

"Online speculations based on outdated or incomplete information can often lead to strange theories among gamers, so we appreciate you asking us directly. We have also applied for two other projects, codenamed respectively Dum Spiro and Black. After numerous iterations of Dum Spiro, we’ve concluded we can’t at the moment deliver it in a form that is appropriately sensitive to the topic and commercially viable at the same time. In short, Dum Spiro is no longer in active development at the moment. Similarly, the initial idea for Black has also been shelved, and while we’re still developing a game under this codename, it’s now a much different project than what you could read on the web in the past few days."

This statement is obviously quite disappointing for the fans. However, there is still some hopes left since the Black project is still under development (but will be totally different from a WW2 horror game).

But Gawlikowski didn't stop there and also added that the studio was working on internal projects:

"At Bloober Team we have two active internal projects, one in the production phase and one in the pre-production phase. Both are going to be bigger in scope than The Medium, however, neither of them is based on themes or premises that have been circulating online in the last days."

From this statement, we can speculate that the game Black is the one in the production phase while Konami's project would be the one in pre-production. Is it a Silent Hill game? Impossible to confirm, only time will tell us. Stay tuned for more details!