• James Kinch

Boreal Tenebrae - "Stranger Things meets Twin Peaks"

Boreal Tenebrae (Bore-ee-al Te-ne-bray) is a new title that has been announced to be ported by RedDeerGames, an indie developer/publisher from Poland to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X. They have previously made Cyber Protocol, Brawl Chess - Gambit and 7 Horizons.

The game, created by Snot Bubble Productions, has art heavily inspired by the PlayStation 1's graphical capabilities and is about a adventure-mystery, searching for a teenage girl, Sarah, who has been snatched by a ritual. Playing as her sister, Bree, you search for her in their dying town which brings in surreal-horror elements.

The game is available on Steam, Itch.io now and will be avaliable on Switch and Xbox in the future.

You can follow the port details here.