• Lewis Gillingwater

Call of Duty Online to be shut down in China

Call of Duty Online, Chinese tech giant Tencent's licensed free-to-play version of Activision's long-running shooter, will shut down later this year.

Developed by Activision's Shanghai branch and published by Tencent exclusively in China on PC, Call of Duty Online (or CODOL, as it is apparently confusingly abbreviated) has been running since 2015. Now though, that long run looks set to come to an end. Games analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted out a press release confirming that due to declining revenue and a lack of renewal of the license, the game will be shut down at the end of August.

Players are encouraged to move to Call of Duty Mobile instead, and being offered items in that game as an incentive. All games inevitably close down, especially free to play ones, but this is nonetheless sad news for players in China who likely pumped a lot of cash into Call of Duty Online's free-to-play ecosystem over the years.