• Lewis Gillingwater

Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War Season 3 detailed

Activision has set out its plans for its third season of content for Warzone and Cold War. Starting on April 22nd, a wealth of new content will be available in both games.

A new limited-time event, titled "Hunt for Adler" will offer new in-game challenges in Cold War and Warzone as players complete intel challenges to unlock rewards and learn of Adler's whereabouts.

Players will have new tools to complete those missions with, as Season 3 brings three new operators this season, starting with alpine warfare specialist Wraith available during launch week through the battle pass. Irish MI6 operative Knight and ex-hitman Antonov will be available as part of a store bundle later in the season.

As the worlds of Cold War and Warzone continue to collide, a Cold war version of fan favourite Modern Warfare character Captain Price will be available as a legendary operator for use in both games, where you will be able to use one of the seasons six new weapons to rack up kills.

Black Ops Cold War is also receiving four new maps, starting with Yamantau, a crumbling ruin of a former Soviet observatory, and Diesel, an isolated slice of Americana in the middle of a desert. Later in the season Black Ops II map Standoff returns and large multi-team map Duga will let players battle across bus depots and chemical plants.

Treyarch is also bringing back its classic Sticks and Stones game mode, where every operator starts with just a crossbow, knife and tomahawk. Alongside this Treyarch tradition, Cold War will also get a new Multi-Team Elimination mode, bringing last-team-standing gameplay to Cold War's biggest maps.

The Cold War content is rounded out by new scorestreaks, vehicles and content for the Zombies mode including a new portion of the outbreak map set in the upcoming Duga map for players to explore ahead of its addition to the multiplayer rotation.

Zombies aren't just contained in Cold War this season. As Season 2 wound down, players who died in one of Warzone's Verdansk region's Corruption Zones had begun to come back as zombies and now it looks like the infection is spreading. Exact details aren't clear yet, but we do know Verdansk is set to descend into a critical, chaotic situation this Season, with more details due on April 2021 about Warzone's incoming undead invasion.

Call of Duty's Season 3 update comes to Black Ops Cold War on April 20th with file sizes between 8 and 13GB depending on platform. Warzone's update will come a day later with file sizes of around 25GB.