• Ben Thompson

Capcom announce Monster Hunter Rise has shipped 4 million units already

In what is very impressive news, Capcom have proudly announced today that they have shipped 4 million world wide physical and digital copies of their brand new release in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Rise.

The fantasy action and adventure RPG which only had launched on the 26th of March garnering heaps of praise from fans of the series and critics alike. The game follows on from Monster Hunter World which was the previous entry in the series back in 2018 and is Capcoms biggest selling game of all time.

The most impressive stand out observation in this announcement is that in comparison, in the same time frame Monster Hunter World had sold 5 million copies across two platforms. Monster Hunter Rise has nearly managed that milestone on the Nintendo Switch alone and on course to be another behemoth in Capcoms already impressive library.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch with a PC release due in 2022.