• Lewis Gillingwater

Capcom made a lot of money last year

Capcom announced today in an investor press release that its net income had increased by 56% on the previous year. Riding high on big releases like Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil 3's remake and sales growth from DLC for older titles like Monster Hunter World's Iceborn expansion, Capcom seems to be doing just fine despite the pandemic.

The Press release boasts of increased profits from "digital sales" which have increased the lifespan of titles. This oblique reference to microtransactions and DLC in titles like Street Fighter V and Monster Hunter indicate we shouldn't expect Capcom to slow down its profitable, but not especially consumer-friendly, practices any time soon.

Further, the announcement also notes that Capcom brought in an increase of 81.2% from its non-games division, most of which is likely attributed to the recent Monster Hunter movie. This was, however, balanced by a reduced arcade and amusements income owing to the coronavirus closing much of Capcom's still profitable Japanese arcade business.

Capcom is certainly still riding high on a bumper few years full of critical darling AAA releases. Hopefully, this increased profit leads to bigger and better things for their loyal fanbase.