• Marion Choufa

Castle Flipper is coming soon on PC!

Gaming Factory, Ultimate Games and Pyramid Games are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Castle Flipper is finally coming on PC on May 27th.

"Castle Flipper is your unique chance to become a medieval royal craftsman. Build your own Kingdom and re-arrange the castle at your own discretion. Breathe a whole new life into the old rooms and maybe one day you will become a King!”.

You’ll play as a medieval craftsman whose mission is to turn abandoned medieval, renaissance and baroque buildings into masterpieces!

Let your inner designer express itself and decorate buildings as well as its surrounding thanks to a vast variety of plants, trees and animals. Of course, you’ll always have the possibility to destroy what you built and start over! In addition to building, designing and destroying, you’ll be able to explore beautiful lands by completing quests and renovate exotic buildings.

Castle Flipper will debut on PC on May 27th 2021.