• Lewis Gillingwater

Co-op adventure It Takes Two hits 1 million copies sold

It Takes Two, the new co-op puzzle adventure from developers of slightly grittier co-op adventure A Way Out, Hazellight Studios, has now sold 1 million copies. The studio announced its big news on Twitter today, news which is even more impressive given that It Takes Two is only playable in co-op and does not require a second player to buy the game to play it online.

The puzzle adventure sees you play as a married couple trying to piece together their relationship while navigating a variety of obstacles and game mechanics. It released only a month ago on March 26th 2021 to high praise from critics and, given its incredible sales, from the public too. Hopefully, the success of It Takes Two and Hazelight Studio's A Way Out prompts publisher EA to let them keep making their co-op classics and gives them some room to keep making bigger and better things.