• Lewis Gillingwater

Co-op Kiwi Postal Puzzler KeyWe launches this August

First shown off way back in 2018, Co-op puzzle game KeyWe casts you and a friend in the role of Jeff and Debra, two tiny kiwi birds inexplicably tasked with keeping a postal service running all on their own. Now developer Stonewheat & Sons and publisher Sold Out have confirmed the long-awaited avian adventure will launch in August 2021 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Gameplay trailers show how you’ll be writing out postage labels, stamping packages and posting letters as you avoid interference from humans and other animals in a whimsical post-office filled with conveyors and pulleys. In the vein of games like Overcooked and Moving Out, you will need to navigate increasingly difficult tasks and complications as you jump around a post office not built for your tiny bird bodies.

KeyWe is available to preorder now, so get ready to grab a friend and argue over exactly whose fault that mission fail was in a few months.