• Lewis Gillingwater

Co-op VR FPS After the Fall announced for Oculus Quest

As part of the Oculus Gaming Showcase, Vertigo Games has announced its latest VR project with post-apocalyptic VR co-op shooter After the Fall. The developer, the same team behind the acclaimed VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine, confirmed the game will be cross-platform compatible between PC, Playstation and Oculus Quest VR, with players able to join up with friends for four-player co-op action.

Set in the ruins of an alternate wintry 1980s LA, players will venture into enemy territory with friends of AI companions to fight off Snowbreed, undread creatures who definitely aren't slightly different zombies. No doubt the game will be just as polished as its much less arctic predecessor Arizona Sunshine and we look forward to trying it when it launches simultaneously on all VR platforms this summer.