• Lewis Gillingwater

Consumers sue Sony over digital games monopoly

In a lawsuit being brought by a group of consumers, Sony Interactive Entertainment is being sued over exclusivity on its PlayStation digital storefront.

The suit alleges that Sony maintains a monopoly on digital PlayStation games, available only through the PlayStation Store. Unlike Microsoft or Nintendo, which sell codes for digital games through online and in-store retail, Sony withdrew digital keys from third-party retailers 2 years ago, making their store the only place digital games can be bought. This, the lawsuit alleges, has led to as much as a 175% markup on games that would otherwise be relatively cheap to obtain from other storefronts, a price Sony customers have been forced to stomach with no other alternatives.

It remains to be seen how the lawsuit will play out, but given Sony's move to push its digital storefront with the discless, all-digital PS5, the outcome of the case could have big implications for Sony customers.