• James Kinch

BlitWorks join Larian Studios to create new office in Barcelona

BlitWorks, a studio known for its ports of Sonic CD, Jet Set Radio and popular indie games will be joining Baldur’s Gate 3 creators, Larian Studios to create a new office for the company in Barcelona, Spain.

This is now Larian’s seventh studio and the second one that it has acquired this year (the first being in Guildford, United Kingdom). It isn't clear whether BlitWorks will continue to operate under it's name as a new logo from Larian has been released, sharing a similar style to its own design. Something that has been mentioned, however is that BlitWorks will focus entirely on publishing.

The companies have had some history with each other already with BlitWorks developing the Switch port of Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin II. Tony Cabello, BlitWorks co-founder said that “No need to say fitting DOS2 on Nintendo Switch was one of the most difficult projects we've ever done, but working with Larian was simple and straightforward, we felt at home.”