• Ben Thompson

We Are Football is a new football management game announced by THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic and Winning Streak Games today announced their new take on the football management genre, We Are Football. Created by Gerald Köhler and his team, the creative mind behind the "On The Ball"- series and the "Football Manager"-series, We Are Football will put you in charge of your dream team.

We Are Football puts you in the shoes of the manager and head coach organising the daily training, choosing the right tactics, picking the best young players to join your team and negotiating the best advertising contracts amongst a whole slew of other things to do that come part of being in the role.

In We Are Football you can rise from the lower leagues or start at the top and gives you full control of your club is supposedly very simple and easy to get used to. It's apparently ''possible to polish off an entire season in little more than it takes to finish a real game of professional football: just two hours.'

You can learn a lot more about We Are Football and it's large amount of features over here at it's Steam page. It has a scheduled release date of June 10th 2021.