• Marion Choufa

Crimesight: Konami announced a new social-deduction game

Konami recently revealed the trailer of a brand new multiplayer investigation game called Crimesight. Players will have to compete against each other to solve a murder case where the victim is yet unknown.

2075, London Heinous crime around the world has been reduced by 90% thanks to the implementation of a “Foresight AI” which is able to predict future crimes based on information found on the network. However, the Foresight AI predicts a future where the world falls into ruin due to incidents which cannot be prevented. This concerns the system developers, who engineer an AI that specializes in tracking and solving these crimes. The new AI is given the name “Sherlock” as an homage to the legendary detective of old. Pursuing a number of cases leads Sherlock to a single conclusion. At the center of these incidents Sherlock’s equal rival, the AI “Moriarty,” lies in wait.

In game, players in the "Sherlock" team will be working to put an end to the murder attempts conducted by the "Moriarty" player. The latter must meet several conditions before they can succeed in their lethal plot.

For the moment, no release date has been announced, we just know that Crimesight will be available on Steam. However, it is possible to register to the closed beta, on the official website (more information are available on the Steam page).