• Lewis Gillingwater

Crysis 2 remake teased

Remember 2011? Lost in an excellent year of games including, among other things, Skyrim, Dark Souls, Portal 2, LA Noire and Arkham City was the surprisingly good sequel to Crytek's PC destroying shooter Crysis. Now, following on the success of last years remaster of the original game, it looks like we might be getting an update of its follow-up.

Tweets from the Crysis Twitter account referencing Crysis 2's protagonist Prophet and a screenshot of the game's ravaged New York setting seems like a clear intention we'll be slipping back into the Nanosuit soon. Diverging from Crysis 1's more open world, simulation-based FPS gameplay, Crysis 2 was a more linear experience that included a pretty popular multiplayer mode.

We'll keep you updated on any concrete news about the remake when we hear it. Any opportunity to replay the Crysis games sound great to us, and maybe sales success here will lead to us finally getting fourth entry in the long dormant FPS franchise.