• Lewis Gillingwater

Dark Horse Comics moves into videogames

Dark Horse Comics, the comics publishing giant behind hit franchises like The Umbrella Academy, 300, Sin City, Black Hammer and Hellboy have announced they're moving into the videogames sector.

Following in the footsteps of fellow combined comics-gaming publishers Rebellion and comics-boardgames publisher IDW, Dark Horse Comics has launched a new Games division and plans to create its own games based on less established franchises and original IPs, according to a report from Gamesindustry.biz. The studio also plans to partner with other studios outside of gaming to bring their brands to the gaming space. With a history of making the comic adaptations of many movies and TV shows including (but by no means limited to) Aliens, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Robocop and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, they certainly have a pedigree for adapting existing brands to new mediums.

The studio has only just launched, but it will be interesting to see what this giant of the comics publishing space brings to the gaming industry. We'll keep you updated on any future news about Dark Horse Games.