• James Kinch

“Dark Souls meets Tetris” - Loot River

Straka.studio, a small Slovakian studio who have developed the puzzlers Euclidean Lands and it's sequel, Euclidean Skies, with the help of SUPERHOT PRESENTS and the Slovak Arts Council have released a new title by the name of Loot River.

Described as "Dark Souls meets Tetris" by the developers, it is a island-shifting, action-roguelike where the player must dungeon crawl in real-time combat and shift terrain Tetris-style. Lead developer Miro Straka walks us through 4 minutes of Loot River, showing off how this terrain sliding mechanic works.

"Armed with the power of the Relic, players can shift the ground beneath them, sliding floating ruins together in a series of tile puzzles. As players venture through these endless catacombs, they’ll encounter beasts, lost travelers, and bosses. These cosmic grottos offer a wealth of new weapons and gear to discover, as well as unholy knowledge to unearth for permanent upgrades.

Drawn to shards of an unholy relic, wandering nomads have found themselves in a perpetual cycle of life and death, losing their sanity as they journey through endless parallel realities, devouring each other to absorb the knowledge of their fellow travellers. No two journeys are ever the same as countless lost souls float through the Loot River."

“I’m a fan of both puzzle games and action games, so I wanted to create something unique where the action is a puzzle,” said Miro Straka. “Loot River takes the spatial sorting of Tetris and combines it with tactile hack-and-slash combat in a way I’ve never seen before. We hope this first peak at Loot River whets people’s appetites for it ahead of its release on Xbox and PC.”