• Joe Allen

Dead Space activity on YouTube?

It’s spreading like wildfire on social media – we may be seeing the first signs of Dead Space activity on their official YouTube channel. No, no – no videos of gameplay or a trailer. Nothing so exciting sadly.

The last entry to the series arrived way back in February 2013 and was widely well-received, though most tend to agree it is the weakest of the trilogy. But besides rumours and whispers circulating, there has been little concrete evidence that we would be getting a sequel to the franchise. This was further evidenced by the closing of Visceral Games, the developer of the trilogy, in 2017.

After years of dormancy, however, the games official YouTube Channel has just been updated. Reported on Twitter, the icon for the channel has changed from the Dead Space 3 logo, to a screenshot from the second game.

Ok, so this is not ground-breaking stuff – still no confirmation that the franchise is ramping back up, but in the age of social media, one can only speculate this was an intentional trick to get people talking. Nothing escapes the attention of the Twitterati, so hopefully this means we can all prepare ourselves for another trip into Dead Space to once again do battle with the Necromorphs.