• Marion Choufa

Death Stranding Director’s Cut confirmed to be a PS5 exclusivity, according to ESRB

It is during the Summer Game Fest that Hideo Kojima revealed the trailer of the new Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

In the trailer we can see the main protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, infiltrating an enemy base. We also see him trying to hide a cardboard box, which is obviously a funny reference to the famous Metal Gear franchise. At the end fo the trailer, only one platform was mentioned: the PS5.

For those who hoped that the game might be available on other platforms, don't get your hopes too high... Sadly, Gematsu kind of confirmed that the game will be indeed a PS5 exclusivity by tweeting a screenshot from the ESRB website.

We can see from the screenshot that the ESRB rating is only for the PS5, which confirms the exclusivity of Sony's next-gen console.

Apart from that, we don't know much about Death Stranding Director’s Cut release date as well as its features in details. We should expect more information in the coming weeks.

What's your opinion on Death Stranding Director’s Cut? What do you think about the PS5 exclusivity? Let us know in the comments below!