• Ben Thompson

Deathloop gets delayed until September

Developer Arkane Studios has put out an announcement that they've had to delay Deatloop until September 14th 2021. The promising first person shooter that is a timed exclusive to PS5 and PC has had to be held back due to the ongoing complications brought on by the coronavirus hindering progress on the title.

“Our team’s ambitions […] while ensuring the health and safety of everyone”. It continues: “We’ll be using the extra time to accomplish our goal: create a fun, stylish, and mind-bending player experience.” says Dinga Bakaba of Arkane Lyon. It's of course fair enough as this pandemic has hit industries worldwide and the employees of these companies wellbeing's need to be looked after. There's no point rushing a game and as we've learned from Cyberpunk, you shouldn't rush the product out if it's finished.

The studio do apologise for the wait and hint at showing off some more of the game soon, so that's something to look forward to. You can view the announcement tweets below.

(Source: Twitter.com)