• Lewis Gillingwater

Dying Light 2 resurfaces with an actual release date

Updated: May 29

It's been a tumultuous development cycle for Dying Light 2. First announced back in 2018, its had more than a few development setbacks, most notably when its lead writer Chris Avellone was removed from the project for sexual misconduct allegations last year.

Now, however, it's back. Dying Light 2, now seemingly subtitled 'Stay Human' is coming to Xbox, PlayStation and PC on December 7th. Set 20 years after the first game's zombie outbreak, Dying Light 2 tasks you with protecting one of the last outposts of civilization from zombie threats outside, and human threats from within.

Publisher Techland also announced a raft of retail editions with unique content and DLC scattered awkwardly between them, and a platinum edition of the original game containing all of its DLC for players to refamiliarize themselves with the games now five-year-old first entry.

We've been here before though. Whatever state it's in, it'll be interesting to see if Dying Light 2 makes its December release date and if it lives up to the hype created in its absence.