• Joe Allen

Dying Light 2: The Virus, Stealth and Mutations

Dying to know more about Dying Light 2? Well Techland had you covered last night, with their second livestream event to showcase more gameplay and details about the game, which releases on December 7th 2021.

The Virus

The first section of the livestream was a Q&A with Lead Game Designer Tymon Smetkala who explained the lore behind the virus and the new mutations of zombie we’ll be faced with in the game, as well as the importance of UV.

It seems the new array of zombies are the result of chemicals which have caused mutations to those zombies who spent too much time in the dark.

New Trailer

We were then treated to a new trailer that featured more parkour, stealth mechanics and a showcase of the new muties. It ended with the reveal that you can track the progress of the virus within you via a bracelet you are given by one of the NPCs, and that finding your way into the light is paramount if you want to Stay Human.

Behind the Scenes

The remainder of the stream was dedicated some behind the scenes information related to the design process for the new zombie mutations, as well as the process behind the sound design for the game.

I highly recommend taking a look at the livestream for more information and reveals about Dying Light 2; there’s a lot to look forward to and December 7th can’t arrive soon enough for me.