• Alberto Mezzalira

Dying Light: Platinum Edition leaks on Microsoft Store

Dying Light: Platinum Edition has been leaked on Microsoft Store. Dying Light, one of the best zombie, survival/parkour horror games of the last generation, is ready to come back with a new great bundle including all four DLC packs and a bundle of 17 cosmetic in games skins; the game is expected to be released on May 27th.

Visit the post-apocalyptic world of Harran and use parkour and all your brutality to explore the environment and defeat hordes of undead. We’re all still waiting to know more about the sequel (we'll keep you updated, of course) but replaying Dying Light through the Platinum Edition is a good way to pass the time.

The bundle includes:

· The full Dying Light base game

· Dying Light: The Following — adds a new map, story, and customisable buggy

· Dying Light: Bozak Horde — a new game mode and side story

· Cuisine & Cargo — two new quarantine zones

· Ultimate Survivor Bundle — new weapons and outfits

· Crash Test Skin Pack — madcap skin pack

· Hellraid — a new game mode in a dark fantasy setting

· Harran Tactical Unit Bundle

· Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle

· Classified Operation Bundle

· Volkan Combat Armour Bundle

· SHU Warrior Bundle

· Retrowave Bundle

· Harran Inmate Bundle

· Godfather Bundle

· Rais Elite Bundle

· Vintage Gunslinger Bundle

· White Death Bundle

· Volatile Hunter Bundle

· Gun Psycho Bundle

· Harran Ranger Bundle

· 5th Anniversary Bundle

No details were given about Smart Delivery or Xbox Series X|S optimisation.

Will you be picking up the Dying Light: Platinum Edition on Thursday? We’d love to hear from you!