• Ben Thompson

EA are supposedly working a revival of an ''established IP''

EA Play Live is coming next month and the publisher is reportedly set to announce a brand new game based on an existing, established IP.

In a live stream last week, industry insider Jeff Grubb was asked about EA Play and what he thought would be at the event to which he replied ''I don't know everything, but I do know one thing," Grubb said. "It's that one. It's the one, and we're gonna see it… if we're not dead first. I'll have to ask and see if I could really start teasing that one.''

Grubb continues to say ''I know there's someone on ResetEra who has been teasing it a lot, so I feel like it's probably close enough that I could start saying, but it's going to be exciting, I think. It's gonna be exciting. We'll talk about it more here pretty soon."

Now EA has a big catalogue of games and it could be anyone of them he's talking about, but, the quote ''if we're not dead first'' could be a cryptic tease towards a possible Dead Space revival, who knows?

We'll have to wait until July 22nd when EA Play Live is planned to go ahead to see what he's on about.