• Alberto Mezzalira

EA Play Live is returning on July 22nd

Electronic Arts has tweeted the comeback of EA Play Live on July 22nd. The tweet doesn’t contain any other info about the event or about the games that will be presented.

During last EA Play Live, in June 2020, the company announced more titles and new features for its services; Star Wars Squadrons, Skate, Fifa 21 and Madden 21 were revealed along with EA Originals' Rocket Arena, It Takes Two and Lost In Random.

This event is creating huge expectations among gamers all over the world as EA may announce the new Battlefield. DICE, Battlefield's developer has already set great hype, revealing that the game will be a bold step for the franchise. Beyond Battlefield we can’t expect anything much different than usual from EA, with the reveals of sports titles such as FIFA or MADDEN and new EA Originals titles; big games such as the new Dragon Age and Skate 4 seem still far away but hopefully we’ll be able to see something.

We’ll keep you updated on all new info that EA will reveal and what are your expectations for this year’s EA Play Live? Which games would you like to see? Let us know!