• Lewis Gillingwater

Elden Ring rumours abound, again.

It's been two years now since Dark Souls games-developer FromSoftware and Game Of Thrones word-developer George R. R. Martin announced their collaboration on upcoming fantasy action-RPG Elden Ring. What have we heard since then? Painfully little, beyond some minor teases.

But there's still hope! As reported by NME, PCGamesN and others, a series of cryptic tweets, insider confirmations and red-string conspiracy board-level connections have led fans to believe Elden Ring is still out there, waiting.

Mordecai, owner of the youtube channel Elden Ring News (Who has been providing daily news about a game for which there has been no news for 354 days now) tweeted out a message about being hopeful, the first letters of which spelt out 'Eight Days'. This was then followed up by fairly reliable industry leaker Jeff Grub retweeting that he too feels optimistic about the elusive RPG. Finally, Geoff Keighly, friend of the Schick Hydrobot and host of Summer Games Fest, retweeted a post about a ring-shaped solar eclipse, seemingly out of nowhere. Don't you see! It all makes so much sense now! The signs were there all along!

So, Elden Ring at Summer Games Fest? It's not impossible, god knows fans have been waiting long enough, but I can't help but feel they're setting themselves up for disappointment here. Prove me wrong, FromSoftware .... please?