• Marion Choufa

Enlisted gets new update "At the Reichstag Walls"

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software recently released a new update for their MMO squad based shooter, Enlisted. The update called At the Reichstag Walls, brings new maps, weapons and squads for all three available campaigns.

The main addition brought by the update is obviously the three new maps: The Maisky Forestry for the Battle of Moscow campaign, Airfield for the Invasion of Normandy campaign and Wilhelmstrasse for the Battle of Berlin campaign. In addition to the new missions, each campaigns got new progressions level with new squads, equipments ad weapons.

Finally, the Battle fo Berlin closed beta test has finally reached its second stage. CBT players can now earn experience points which can unlock various features such as campaign levels, squad improvements, soldiers recruitment and more... Progression will start at level 1 and won't be deleted even at the end of the closed beta stage.