• Lewis Gillingwater

Fallout: London mod takes the franchise across the pond

Modders working on Fallout: London, a Britain based fan-made expansion for Fallout 4, have released a new trailer that shows off the DLC-sized expansion they're planning to Bethesda's game.

Fallout is steeped in Americana, so naturally, the games have stuck to the US and the mods have followed. From official games set in Washington DC, the Mojave Desert and Boston to mods in Seattle, Miami and Portland, the series has remained firmly planted on US soil.

Fallout: London's team looks to change that. Taking place in a shrunk-down and radiation blasted version of the UK capital, the trailer promises new factions and locations with a distinctly British feel. Power Armor? No. Knights in shining armour? Definitely. As the most cockney man in the world narrates a fly-by of the bombed-out city, there's a distinctly different and dismal feel to the mod team's vision of London that we can't wait to explore.

There's no release date for Fallout: London, and like many other grand Bethesda game mods, it may never release at all. But it does offer a compelling vision for what Bethesda could do with the franchise if it was to set a game outside of the US one day.