• Joe Allen

Far Cry 6: Gameplay Reveal

Updated: May 31

I’ve fallen out of love with the Far Cry franchise over the past few years; I’ve played 2 a million times over, 3 was ok, 4 was great for its time, but Primal, 5 and New Dawn were underwhelming to say the least. But with new gameplay footage released today, 28th May 2021, can Ubisoft win me round? They certainly made a good start by casting Giancarlo Esposito as the tyrant antagonist of this South American-themed entry to the series. Here’s the lowdown of what we saw.


Set on the tropical Caribbean island of Yara, you play as Danny/Dani Rojas (character customisation, including gender, from the outset), a failed soldier turned guerrilla fighter. Whilst initially wanting to escape Yara for good, after seeing the brutal crackdown on civil liberties by Presidente Anton Castillo, Danny/Dani gets involved with ‘Libertad’, the islands homegrown resistance movement.

Whilst not reinventing the wheel with the plot, I think one of the most interesting new characters to this entry is going to be Yara, the island itself.

It’s got a little bit of everything; cliffs, coasts, run down townships, a capital city, jungle, offshore rigs. And it seems from the brief glimpses we got that it will be teeming with life. It looks extremely impressive. The island nation was mired in war decades ago, and time has essentially stood still there. I’m looking forward to exploring the island more and learning more of its secrets


A standard feature of the Far Cry series, vehicles are returning, but with a few notable additions. Firstly, you can ride mounts! Yes, if you can’t get enough of the clippity clop of hooves, then Ubisoft has you covered.

Secondly, and in my mind more importantly, it seems full on vehicle customisation will be a big thing. From bucket scoops on the front bumper, to mounted guns on the back and even turbos/nitrous. But rather than resting on its laurels with the customised vehicles, Ubisoft has gone big and expanded this to...


Not only will you have access to the standard array of pistols, rifles and automatic weapons, these will all be customisable in some fashion. Though unclear what the extent of this will be, some of the gameplay highlights extended clips, battery plugins and even a motorbike engine incorporated into an LMG!

In addition to these standard weapons, it seems there are more unique weapons to be crafted from the junk around the island too. One example from the footage is a cd-changer/disc-firing weapon. Move over Deadrising, there’s a new weapon crafting game in town. Oh and if that wasn't enough firepower for you, your guerrilla teacher also provides you with the 'supremo backpack'. Carry a flamethrower, or a mortar cannon on your back and watch the chaos ensue.


I think at this stage we all know what we’re getting with a Far Cry game, but one thing worth noting is the stealthy side of things. There are the standard mechanics, keeping to the backroads, crouching and using silenced weapons, but also a new element of hiding in plain sight. How you choose to approach the situation is totally up to you.

Companions make a return too. Have you ever wanted to whistle and have a gator attack your foes? Well, it’s your lucky day! And there’s also the cute puppy who has wheels where his rear legs should be. Seemingly El Presidente has no time for puppies either, and that’s just wrong. What a monster.

As this is a guerrilla war, one would imagine that there is some sort of territory capturing mechanic, but no details were given.

Overall impressions

Well, it looks like a huge step up from Far Cry 5. I’m really looking forward to visiting this new locale and getting to know more about Yara, Libertad, Danny/Dani and El Presidente. The customisable weapons and vehicles only make me want to visit Yara sooner! But alas, I will have to patiently wait until October 7th to get my hands on this one.