• Lewis Gillingwater

First look at Battlefield 6 leaked

An internal preview video of EA's next instalment of the Battlefield series has made its way onto the internet. Intended for an EA internal meeting, the short teaser video turned up today on the Battlefield subreddit, as reported on by Eurogamer and others, and gives us our first look at what to expect from the 6th entry into the long-running franchise.

The short video, which comes with a heavy epilepsy warning (Seriously, do not watch this if you even slightly think you might be at risk) and is stamped with a black rectangle (presumably to obscure an identifying logo EA could use to identify who leaked it), shows glimpses of cinematic fighting in a variety of settings, with technology and weapons that hint at the rumoured near-future setting of Battlefield 6.

While Call of Duty's next instalment is heavily suggested to be taking us, once again, to World War 2, this video seems to suggest EA is going in the opposite direction. With E3 just around the corner and Battlefield 6 likely getting an official reveal as part of EA's press conferences, we probably don't have to wait long for confirmation of these leaks. With a Winter 2021 release planned this is probably just the first prong of a marketing onslaught that will make us all very familiar with Battlefield 6 by the time it arrives later this year.