• Alberto Mezzalira

Fractured Veil’s Mutant-Infested Hawaii Welcomes Tourists in Q2 2022 Via Steam Early Access

Fractured Veil, the survival game set in a future Hawaii dominated by technology and mutants from Paddle Creek Games, will be released on PC via Steam Early Access in Q2 2022.

“One hundred years after a teleportation system fractured reality and caused a global apocalypse, Maui’s not much of a tourist destination anymore. Horrific mutants roam the Valley Isle’s breath-taking beaches and tropical forests. The only non-mutated humans on the deserted island awaken in a facility created by a shadowy tech company. The good news: each time they die, they resurrect as a new clone. The bad news: being killed by mutants still hurts!”

The game promises to make you enjoy your life in a fallen paradise alongside hundreds of other cloned survivors. The 64 square kilometre map is filled with valuable crafting resources, potential allies, and loot-filled dungeons full of useful items and challenging foes.

Create a base with for much-needed shelter from the elements, mutants, and less-than-friendly fellow clones. Claim land by building totems capable of protecting structures and hard-earned loot while offline. Forge alliances with fellow tropical waste landers and venture into NPC-controlled safe zones to take on quests and trade with vendors. Complete multi-step quests to learn more about the local culture and strange circumstances that led to civilization’s downfall alone or with allies. Earn experience to unlock talents that increase stamina, health and crafting ability.

And that’s not all! An AI-controlled drones patrol the map, broadcasting the action to the official Fractured Veil website, Twitch, and Steam pages. “Tune in to catch up on events happening around the in-game multiverse, like deadly dungeon runs with top streamers or all-out wars between clone groups. Then hop into a veil and travel to another reality to experience life on a different server, complete with different loot”.

This sandbox game integrates aspects of survival sims and MMORPGs to create endless possibilities and good amount of entertainment (alone or with friends).

Fractured Veil will be available on PC via Steam Early Access in Q2 2022. A Kickstarter campaign is planned for Q3 2021.