• Lewis Gillingwater

Gabe Newell hints at potential console projects from Valve

Valve founder Gabe Newell used a recent Q&A to tease Valve products may soon be coming to consoles.

Details aren't clear, and speculation is rife. Certainly, Valve is no stranger to console collaborations, but it's been over a decade since The Orange Box, Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead now and Valve has remained pretty happy with its PC gaming fiefdom. Whether this means we should expect ports of games, a Steam storefront on console or even some kind of VR collaboration is unclear. There's also the possibility of a cloud gaming solution to supplement Steam's Steamlink attempt from a few years back and Sony and Microsoft's continued attempts to outdo each other's subscription services.

Whatever the outcome, the prospect of collaboration between consoles and Valve is exciting. Half Life 3, anyone?