• Ben Thompson

Game Pass additions for April include Grand Theft Auto V and Zombie Army 4

Microsoft have announced a few more titles for it's ever expanding Game pass library this month, including the powerhouse that is Grand Theft Auto V for its second run on the service.

GTA V will be accompanied by Zombie Army 4 seeing both games hit the service for console and cloud on Thursday April 8th. Following them a few days later will be NHL 21 which will be coming to Game pass via EA Play on the 12th of April. There will also be a few games heading over to the cloud, all of which you can see below.

April 8th:

Grand Theft Auto V (Cloud and Console)

Zombie Army 4: Dead War (Cloud, Console, and PC)

Disneyland Adventures (Cloud)

Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure (Cloud)

April 12th:

NHL 21 (Console)

15th April:

Pathway (PC)

Rain on Your Parade (Cloud, Console, and PC)

April 20th:

MLB The Show 21 (Cloud and Console)

As always when new games hit the service, others have to make way for them so there will be a few games leaving including it seems quite a lot of the Madden back catalogue and some NHL games to boot. The list and dates of their departures are below.

April 15th:

Deliver Us The Moon (Console and PC)

Gato Roboto (Console and PC)

Wargroove (Console and PC)

Leaving EA Play April 16th:

Madden 15 (Console)

Madden 16 (Console)

Madden 17 (Console)

Madden 18 (Console)

Madden 25 (Console)

NHL 18 (Console)

NHL 19 (Console)

Best get finishing up those games if you've already started as they wont be on the service much longer.