• Alex Hopley

Gaming News Round-up 1st - 8th October

There were some big stories this week, from multiple Nintendo announcements to the ‘downfall of the internet,’ things have been quite busy in the gaming sphere. If you’re a bit behind on the overload of news, or just want it all laid out in an easy format, allow us to catch you up.

1. Sora, Finally

No need to mess around, let’s start with the story that echoed around the Nintendo community. After much anticipation, Sora from Kingdom Hearts was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, filling out the last spot in the game’s huge roster. Though many were happy to see Sora join the likes of Mario, Minecraft Steve and Joker, there were more than a few disappointed fans left behind. As is the case with any Super Smash Bros character reveal, speculation ran amok. Theories of Waluigi, Doom Guy, and Phoenix Wright flew all over the internet, though all proved only to be false rumours (except maybe for Doom Guy, as he’s playable as a Mii Gunner now). Poor Waluigi, it’s sad to know that our favourite purple skinny legend may be left behind as an assist trophy forever. Sora takes his place as the final fighter on October 18th.

2. The Downfall of Twitch

In one of the biggest leaks in gaming history, Twitch’s source code was revealed by an anonymous hacker, alongside earnings of its members, and the vast lack of diversity on the platform. Combined with the ‘downfall’ of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram earlier in the week, the internet seems quite the unstable place as of late. Of course, everyone knew streamers earned a ridiculous amount of cash and that the most dominant of them were white men, yet to have those things affirmed via a leak seems a strange thing. Twitch themselves have confirmed a flaw was found in their security and as usual are being as vague as possible on their next steps.

3. Monster Hunter Pokémon?

We’ll head back to Nintendo news now, following a further look into the intriguing Pokémon Legends of Arceus. With a bit more of an insight into the world and map, these titbits of information made us all wonder if this foray into an open world Pokémon game would end up as flat as Sword and Shield did. Nintendo at least seems to be making a better effort here and are ensuring the playable spaces look better than a PS2 game. Though there are still hopefuls believing Legends of Arceus will have an entirely open experience like Breath of the Wild, most are now of the mind that Nintendo would rather keep the game to segmented open areas in a more Monster Hunter style.

4. A New Horizon for New Horizons

There was another small slice of Nintendo news to round off our week as it was announced that there would be an Animal Crossing Direct taking place on the 15th of October. With no other details being given except that we’ll be getting around twenty minutes of information on new content arriving to New Horizons, the only thing we know for certain is that again speculation will run rife through the Nintendo fanbase. I’m just hoping for a wearable Doom Guy helmet.

5. EA Makes a Decent Beta for Once?

Battlefield 2042 gave its players a taste of what’s to come with a beta for EA Play owners, Game Pass owners and those who pre-ordered the game. To tell a long story short, the beta is decent. In terms of the good, there is a strong core gameplay loop, refreshing gunplay and stunning ‘levolution’. Alongside these things though, the beta is marred by AI bots, long queues, and unpolished vehicle handling. There are many other elements of the game, such as the Specialists and vehicle spawning, that need ample time before they can be evaluated in full. All in all, Battlefield 2042 seems promising, though only the full release will tell whether Battlefield 2042 can live up to its expectations.

6. Valve Goes Full Surgeon Simulator on the Steam Deck

Valve’s latest promotional video mercilessly rips open the steam deck to show us all the portable device’s juicy insides. The video is a bit confusing, as it both tells viewers that they can replace parts of the Steam Deck if they wish, but that they largely shouldn’t do so to avoid disturbing the tight design of the system. With tips on how to remove the SSD, backplate, and thumbstick all while claiming these are things consumers should avoid, it’s certain Valve understandably doesn’t want you getting your Dorito covered fingers all over their finely crafted Switch contender.

7. You have Jordans, I have Xbox Adidas shoes. We are not the same

In the weird area of gaming news this week, Xbox announced their Xbox-inspired Adidas trainers. By Xbox-inspired, Adidas merely mean that these shoes are rocking the green and black colouration synonymous with Xbox. It’s basically what you would expect if I said the words Xbox and shoe together. Not everyone will be able to get their hands on a pair of these bad boys right away, as they’re first being given away via a competition. Never mind, much to the universe’s joy there are plenty of Xbox-Adidas shoes and designs yet to be revealed. Yay… I guess?