• Alberto Mezzalira

Gearshifters announced for console and PC later this year

Red Phantom Games and Numskull Games announced Gearshifters, an arcade-action shoot'em-up rogue-like coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, Xbox One and Steam later this year.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the roads that connect collapsed settlements are ruled by opposing syndicates of gangs. The player will drive, spin, smash and gun through waves of enemy vehicles and fight huge war-machines bosses while unlocking car mods, defenses and weaponry. The mission is simple: deliver commodities and value items through treacherous routes, always for the right price.

The producers promised “high-octane action at every, turn, slide and spin” of this five acts story arc settled in a dystopian future where Europe is dominated by lawless heavily armed factions. Precision control and good driving skills are required to tackle dangerous delivery missions to deliver precious cargo. The rewards will help to customize the car choosing over 100 unlockable offensives, defensive and cosmetics.

Who will be the first Gearshifter to take on this adventure and reach the mysterious Citadel?