• Lewis Gillingwater

Get creative and cosy in Hokko Life today

Team 17 and Wonderscope Games' wholesome town sim Hokko Life welcomes new residents as it launches into Early Access today on Steam.

What exactly will new residents be doing? Hokko Life takes a very familiar approach to cosy town simulations, allowing you to befriend its animal residents, design new clothes, catch bugs and animals and generally have a relaxing and calming vacation in an idyllic virtual village.

From the behemoth of Animal Crossing, which Hokko Life takes more than a few cues from, to Stardew Valley and classics like Harvest Moon, there's always space for community sims about having a nice time in a pleasant town and making friends. Hokko Life adds a customisable angle, giving players the freedom to alter more than just their t-shirts.

Hokko Life launches on Steam in early access at 5 PM today, 2nd June for £15.99.