• Alberto Mezzalira

Get ready to play Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol on Nintendo Switch this June

A couple of classic games by LucasArts from the SNES generation will be back soon!

According to a Nintendo eShop listing reveal, Disney Interactive and Dotemu will release Lucasfilm Classic Games: Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol on June 29th. This is the first time the two games reappear on new platforms since the Wii Virtual Console and all fans can’t wait to play it.

Along with the classic games, the Nintendo Switch version will add new features, including the possibility of manual saving the game in every moment, various museum content, both game soundtracks, local co-op and achievements.

Let’s have a look at all details!

Save Feature: Quickly save your progress in either game and continue your adventure wherever and whenever you want.

Museum Features: Watch a video interview with one of the original Zombies’ developers or explore numerous galleries containing game art, previously unreleased concept images and marketing assets.

Soundtrack: Listen to the entire soundtrack for both games in the included music players.

2 Player Mode: Play the game with two player local co-op.

Achievements: Track your game progress with a set of achievements covering both games.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

“Hey, where’s that scary music coming from? Yikes! It’s Zombies Ate My Neighbors, where you appear in every demented horror flick ever to make you hurl ju-jubes. What are Zeke and Julie doing in a 16-bit game like this?! Trying to save the nice neighbors, cheerleaders and babies from a fate worse than polyester!”

Find your way through 55 horror-filled levels like a grocery store gone bad, a shopping mall awry, a mysterious island and your own back yard. Destroy Zombies, relentless Chainsaw Maniacs, Mummies, Evil Dolls that just won’t die, Lizard Men, Blobs, Vampires, Giant Ants, Martians and more using uzi squirt guns, exploding soda pop, bazookas, weed wackers and ancient artifacts. Also grab power ups-o-rama like secret potions and bobo clown decoys!

Ghoul Patrol

“Zeke and Julie, our intrepid teenagers, visit the Ghosts and Ghouls exhibit at the city library, where they find an old treasure chest containing an ancient spirit book. Naturally, they cannot resist reading it. Suddenly, a horrific snaggle-toothed spirit emerges infesting Metropolis and planning to rewrite history!”

Only you have the power to go back in time to de-spook these zombified historic guys. Terminate them using crossbows, ping-pong ball machine guns, Martian “Heatseeker” guns, and more! Vaporize garbage can ghosts and ninja spirits, rescue bug-eyed librarians and wigged-out pirates, dodge flying books and adolescent-eating plants! Will you get the mighty beastly spirit back into his book and stop the madness? Ghoul Patrol to the rescue!

Let us know your thoughts on this comeback! Will you play it for the first time or will it be a throwback to your childhood?

Have a look at the official trailer!