• Marion Choufa

Ghostwire Tokyo postponed to 2022

It is through Twitter that Bethesda and Tango Gameworks announced that, the horror action-adventure game, Ghostwire Tokyo has been postponed to the beginning of 2022. The editor explained that the studio needed more time to develop the game while respecting the mental health and well-being of the crew behind the title.

As a reminder, Ghostwire Tokyo takes place in the near-future where a paranormal event causes the mysterious disappearance of 99% of the world's population (only animals seem to be spared). The spirits and ghosts of Japanese folklore take advantage of this tragedy to invade the streets of Tokyo. Players will have to use their paranormal skills to solve the mystery of these disappearances, and restore order in the city.

Initially, Ghostwire Tokyo was supposed to be available on PC and PS5 only. Even though Bethesda has been acquired by Microsoft after the agreement with Sony, the American firm confirmed that the original contract will be respected. This situation is similar to the one of Deathloop which is going to be a PlayStation exclusivity for its first year.