• James Kinch

Heart of Iron IV Turns Five – New edition of the game released

Paradox’s most recent WW2 grand strategy game, Hearts of Iron IV is turning five today. Over the last 5 years, the game has seen numerous updates and expansions including additional events for countries, updates to technology trees and many new types of tanks, planes and soldiers.

The game has remained incredibly popular, growing steadily each month since its release. At the time of writing, it currently has a monthly average of 25,500 concurrent players, consistently reaching the top 20 games being played right now by players on Steam (according to SteamCharts).

"For the game’s anniversary, Paradox have announced the Anniversary Bundle which includes:

  • Eastern Front Planes Pack: Over 50 new airplane models for nations fighting in central and eastern Europe, including Germany, the Soviet Union, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia and Hungary.

  • Eastern Front Music Pack: 13 new music tracks including the Soviet National Anthem, Lili Marlene and My Pierwsza Brygada.

A newly available Immersion Bundle collects the game’s cosmetic touches that add further visual and audio detail to the game, including:

  • Radio Pack: 35 songs spread across all three factions, as well reproduced music from earlier games in the Hearts of Iron series.

  • Axis Armor Pack: Over 60 armored vehicle models for the German, Japanese and Italian armies, including the StuG III, Japanese experimental heavy tanks and the L-6 light tank.

  • Allied Armor Pack: Over 50 armored vehicle models for the American, Soviet, British, and French armies, including the M7 Priest, the French Renault tank and a host of new tank destroyers.

  • Allied Speeches Pack: Over 70 minutes of speeches from some of the most inspiring moments from the Allied campaign, including MacArthur’s celebrated “I shall return” and Churchill’s pledge to “fight on the beaches”.

Paradox has also updated the Mobilization Bundle to include all of the available Hearts of Iron IV expansions.

These Hearts of Iron IV compilations are all available at the Paradox and Steam stores."