• Marion Choufa

Hitman Developer might be working on an Xbox exclusive RPG project

IO Interactive, the Swedish studio behind the famous Hitman trilogy might be working on a project that’s very different from what the studio is used to do.

Windows Central revealed today that IO was in the process of developing a fantasy RPG called “Project Dragon”. One of the rumours comes from a job listing for a Senior UX Designer position that is supposed to join the department called “Dragon”.

Plus with Microsoft current strategy in mind, we might expect exclusivity for the Xbox: “Previously we discussed how Microsoft is working with several third-party partners as part of its Xbox Global Publishing effort, with the aim of bringing more exclusive high-quality games to Xbox consoles, and indeed, Xbox Game Pass. [...] If Microsoft is indeed the publisher of IO Interactive's upcoming game, it joins a growing number of reasons to be excited about future games heading to Xbox.” - Jez Corden for Windows Central

Let’s keep in mind that the game is still in early development and that a lot of changes can happen between now and its launch (if it even exists, that is).

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