• Lewis Gillingwater

Hokko Life offers a laid back vacation this June

Team 17 and developer Wonderscope Games announced today that their upcoming cosy community-building sim game Hokko Life arrives on Steam Early Access on June 2nd.

Hokko Life takes players to a new town, giving them the opportunity to customise the town's architecture, decorations and their own home while they meet animal friends, hunt bugs, fish, and invite their friends to visit their town.

If that all sounds confusingly familiar, and you're expecting a capitalist Tanuki to show up and demand rent, that shouldn't be surprising. Hokko Life is taking more than a few cues from Nintendo's own cosy comfort game Animal Crossing. Like TemTem and Pokémon before it though, Hokko Life is offering the chance for players without access to Nintendo's walled Switch garden to take a break and relax in a legally distinct calming town.

Similarities or not, it will be great to see the cosy sim gameplay make the leap to PC when it launches June 2nd.