• Marion Choufa

Hood: Outlaws & Legends has a new 8 minute gameplay trailer

Updated: May 4

For those who haven’t heard about the upcoming project from Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive, Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a multiplayer PvPvE heist game set in a medieval universe.

In Hood: Outlaws & Legends, two teams composed of 4 players each compete in order to steal a treasure chest fiercely guarded by a fearsome sheriff and a squad of elite knights.

The game mixes classic stealth techniques, such as throwing stones for diversion or silent kills, with multiplayer gameplay. Thus, players will have to use their ingenuity to cross the enemy lines and neutralize the opposing team.

This gameplay gives us an in-depth look at the 4 different classes available. The Ranger, who is known for his long-distance attacks can also specialized in hand-to-hand combat. The Brawler, who holds the role of the tank, will be able to increase his health and stamina in order to clean an area. The Mystic is the perfect character if you want to quickly cross the enemy lines without being seen. Finally, the Hunter is a good combination of stealth and attacks and turns out to be very useful when it comes to hold positions and slow down the enemy.

You understood it, it is up to you to adapt your strategy. Are you going for a full stealth approach, an aggressive raid or a more balanced team? However, keep in mind that discretion is always recommended since being spotted will reveal your position to the sheriff’s men and the opposing team.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 10th. Players who pre-ordered the game will be able to play it on early access on May 7th and will get the Forest Lords pack (which includes a skin for each character and weapon). You can also pre-order the Year 1 Edition that gives you access to the game as well as 3 Battle Passes due to be released post-launch, after the initial free Season.